Gluten Free

Gluten free has been quite a journey for us. When I opened my first bakery in 2009, many customers would request something to be made gluten free. My response was always the same, always arrogant: "We are a real bakery. We don't dabble in fads." Wow, I apologize profusely to anyone that I offended.

Fast forward a few years to some new health issues and my doctor advising me that I should consider a gluten free diet. Again, my apologies.

We spent seven months trying to perfect a few recipes and finally found the secret to delicious, light, non-sandy gluten free cakes and pastries. Since then, we have really expanded our menu. We have 42  (and more to come) gluten free pastries that we rotate into our pastry case weekly. In fact, one of our best sellers is gluten free but we don't advertise it as such. It's a sell out every single day!!

Although we are not a certified gluten free bakery, we take great caution in our preparations of the gluten free items. We clean and sanitize between use to avoid cross contamination EACH and EVERY time we use our equipment. 

All of our sandwiches are also available on gluten free bread. We get our gluten free bread from Mama Mel's in Sebastopol. Delicious!

Give us a call for today's gluten free cake and pastry menu.