About Us

I never dreamed that I would own my own bakery.
This was never in my plans. It's funny that I started this bakery journey on a

My mom and I have always been the 'go to' people
for birthday and wedding cakes.

Several years ago, I was a single mother working
two jobs and selling homemade jewelry in my 'spare' time. For even more income
I would make birthday and wedding cakes for friends and family. Mom was just a phone call away if I needed help.

One month, after my third cake request, I jokingly said to my mom 'We should start our own business.' As a JOKE I printed up some business cards. Our business was named 'Two Mom's Kneading Dough'- catchy right? Well next thing you know I was getting phone calls weekly, and then daily, looking for me to bake cakes for events. Suddenly I was a single mom with 2 full time jobs, a part time jewelry maker and now a Custom cake maker!
The momentum just kept building. After 6 or so months without any decrease in demand I stopped making jewelry and quit one of my jobs so that I would have some time for my kids and myself.

To my surprise the demand for my cake expertise just kept growing- soon I was even asked to be on TV!! WHAT? ME? Wow.. and
things just kept progressing. Now I had one full time job in the corporate world (I was so bored) and was making FUN cakes for people on the side. I did this for a few years and then lost my job, leaving me with a BIG decision to
make- either find another boring but well-paying job, or take a leap of faith and go into business for myself.

I took the leap of faith and Sweet Cakes Custom Cakery was born!

My leap of faith soon overtook my house and the demand for my cakes required me to open my own little bakery boutique. I opened
a small, 368sqft bakery in an adorable marketplace. I planned to be open by appointment only, so I thought I didn't need to be in a prime location. HA! was I ever wrong! Additionally, my new husband bought me a pastry case suggesting I make cupcakes in my spare time. Well soon those cupcakes earned me a new notoriety!
After a very short year in a tiny 'closet' of a store, I brought my mom in full time, and we moved to a prime location at the front of the same shopping center.

After a few years it became obvious that we were in the wrong location for the health of our business, and we sadly closed our
doors. Initially the idea was to reopen right away in a prime location but as often happens, life got in the way.

 I desperately missed my customers, the joy in their eyes when they received their specialty cakes, the warmth I received from
the appreciation of all our hand-crafted pastries, desserts and savories. My life had been lacking since closing the doors...

Fast forward to June 2018 -an opportunity knocked, and I took another leap!  I had found
such a beautiful and quaint bakery café to fill your needs - and mine! Our bakery is nestled in the front of the Antique Society- Sonoma County's largest antique collective. (Although the names are similar, The Antique Society is a separate business from mine) I have created a delicious brunch and lunch menu, including soups and a plethora of pastries. Our Gluten Free options are amazing!! I am always adding something new.

Society Bakery Café offers an extensive dine in brunch and lunch menu, corporate catering menu for those long luncheons, and fresh
baked pastries every day. We also offer catering for private events. In
addition, we still make many of the same scratch baked cakes, pastries and savories as before. We have a coffee bar and even a mercantile style store for many gift giving ideas. All made by our staff!

I've always said 'I LOVE possibilities. Possibilities are Endless!'

I never dreamed of this but I am so happy I am here.. and I owe it all to you for believing in me and loving what my team creates for you. 

 From the bottom of my heart Thank you, thank you, thank you!